Thanksgiving. Please be thankful. Please realize how lucky you are. 
My story… so many causes, so many people asking for help. Do they really need help or are they taking advantage of us and “working the system”? Working in the corporate world, many of us have mandatory fundraisers that we don’t choose to participate in but feel obligated. It has become for me an action that doesn’t bring me joy. It doesn’t feel like enough to help but they want very specific help. In America, it feels like if someone needs help what I can offer should be enough but I am provided with a list of items. Helping others should make us feel good.

I grew up very poor. I’m talking a roof over my head and food on the table poor. I survived and once I was able to be on my own, I have never had to worry about the very basic needs. I know how lucky I am and will never take that for granted.

Today I was at the grocery store buying food for the week including my Thanksgiving dinner for myself and my husband as well as items I am taking to my sister’s house for a family dinner. Just making decisions and putting what I needed in my basket. I was looking at chicken tenders for chicken and dumplings and they were kind of high and more than I needed. I moved on to the frozen chicken. An elderly lady came up behind me and said “$11.00 for a pack of chicken?” I said, I know it seems high so I moved on. She teared up and said she just couldn’t afford to feed her grandchildren this season. This woman wasn’t looking for anything from me and I knew it. I turned the corner and just couldn’t go on. I went back and gave her some money. This is not something I usually run across in the suburbs and I had to do something.

This is obviously still weighing on my mind so what can I do? I can write it down and send it out to the universe. Maybe someone else will see a need and realize how much they can help out. I have a full heart tonight and what more do I need this holiday season? Happy Thanksgiving and please be thankful.

Hawaii Five-0 Season Five Recap

What I liked….

Jerry (Jorge) brings a lightness to the show without being too corny. Great character add. And the boy can sing!
5.1 – couples therapy, ha!
5.5 – we meet Ellie; we get Steve at his father’s grave and the feels; we get more McGarrett backstory
5.7 – best episode of the season. #100 is one of the best of the series. Alex doing what he does best with his craft and his body. We get answers about WoFat and the McGarrett family. Steve hallucinating showing a different spin on reality. What if?
5.8 – more Aunt Deb and the perfect Carol Burnett.
5.19 – close shave Steve – what can I say. Odell was a great choice. But of course the money scene in this episode was Steve in the basement looking at the photos and allowing himself to feel. Powerful acting IMO.
This is my favorite show and will continue to be so for a very long time. I liked a lot in S5 but these were a few of my standout thoughts.

Not my fav….
I couldn’t get used to the big special effects and sci-fi feeling in S5. My issue, I don’t like anything bigger than McG. Happy for Peter that he was allowed to go outside the box and bring something really different to the crime drama. The character development is my thing and what draws me to the show.
All season, wondering will Cath return? Will Steve move on? I believed we would find out more but did not.
Time to re-watch and savor it all. Bring on S6.
P.S. I wrote the above Saturday morning then did my re-watch and as I thought, I felt very differently after. My disappointment in the McRoll story clouded my feelings for the stories as they were. Both of the last episodes had great stories and felt a lot more like H50 than I felt Friday night. Maybe I need to not drink wine or tweet during. What do you think LOL.

Freedom of Speech

I’ve been an American my whole life and yes I believe in freedom of speech but this social media bashing of celebrities has got to stop.

If you don’t like their music, their acting, their lifestyle, their face, their body or the fact that they make tons of money, you do not have to watch, listen or seek them out on social media sites. That’s it.

Why does bashing other people make you feel important? Wouldn’t your life be more fulfilling doing something you like versus spending time spewing your thoughts on others and making someone feel bad?

We can make life better if we try. Please try.



H50 4.21 Rewatch – On Second Thought

Watched the second time and after the story has settled in my brain, I do have some different feelings about the way the writers had it end.

H50 – I actually liked the COTW. I think it’s the tie of Alex and Taylor’s Gift that makes me enjoy the organ transplant (and theft) plots. Every opportunity to highlight the cause is important. And a little piece of Alex. Plus we needed to have Chin, Kono and Grover in the show and be in Hawaii. Fine with me.

Michelle – If I watched not thinking of a romance, the interaction of Steve and Cath was top notch IMO. If they were just co-workers or good friends, their scenes were very powerful. I really watched Michelle this time and think the writers gave her the opportunity to complete her role as a strong and independent woman. So watching from a different perspective and taking out the emotion of McRoll, I thought she did a wonderful job.

I think as the direction of the show unfolds next season, 4.21 may turn out to be a very important episode. I hope so. I’ll be watching my favorite show.

Pic courtesy alexoloughlinworldwide as found on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.


Hawaii Five-0 4.21 – How Do I Feel

I’ve only watched once and will probably watch again tomorrow. I didn’t tweet during the show to avoid comments I did not want to read. I avoided the spoilers because I didn’t want to know too much. I honestly don’t even remember the COTW. My focus was totally on what I knew was coming and to go with the feelings.

Alex killed it – AGAIN. The pain he goes through mentally and physically jumps right out of the screen. I am totally biased but I don’t know another actor that combines the humor with the drama the way he does with such perfection.

Michelle – I still felt the distance from her. Was it the wow for a goodbye? Not that I felt. I wish her the best on her career.

The writing – there is no way in hell McG would leave Cath alone in that country. Even if the military was watching him and he had to leave, he would find a way. Maybe he isn’t thinking this is over and he can always get her to come home. IDK but the I love you and take care and I’ll see ya, really was not enough. Why couldn’t they have her tell McG that she needed space and have them “break-up”? IDK, I’m not a writer so maybe nothing would have mattered if they didn’t want to kill her off. This wasn’t just another episode for me so I doubt there was a right solution for a storyline. Maybe I’m just down because the season is ending anyway.

I keep saying I don’t know because I don’t. This one is really tough and the social media division made it all so uncomfortable for me. I guess all I do know is that I will be watching every episode and supporting H50 and of course Alex and his career.


Hawaii Five-0 and Social Media

I found yet again that I needed to step away from Twitter and Facebook to avoid seeing the fights online regarding Michelle Borth leaving the show. The problem is this makes me feel like a deserter and I hate that. I have online friends on both sides of the fence and I feel I can respect their opinions and still interact with them. Seeing the online back and forth, that sometimes gets pretty angry, makes me uncomfortable so I have to stay offline. I use these sites to escape from the hassles of life and really want them to uplift my day not bring me down. I do apologize for deserting the team though.

Regarding Hawaii Five-0. I love this show. It is the only current show I watch repeats of and can sit as I did yesterday binge watching episodes. I do rewatch Three Rivers (which Netflix took off now booooo) and Moonlight. So see the pattern? I’ve mentioned this before, I am a Alex O’Loughlin fan first and foremost and will watch anything I can get my hands on. The current series is Hawaii Five-0 and I watch it as much as I can. But I also really like the show. I do care about the other characters and enjoy learning about them. Does every show hit it out of the park? No, of course not. But there are very few that I skip and say not worth my time.

The Michelle issues go very deep and I don’t know exactly why it got so out of hand and why things got so negative. The producers have decided where they want to show to go and she will not be a part of it next season. I think the fact that even Peter Lenkov calls them the “Core Four” speaks volumes. We will see actors come and go on the show – fact.

I’m just looking forward to as many episodes as I can get and as much BTS stuff the cast and crew share with the fans. I’m truly invested in this show and intent to promote it all I can.

Thanks for listening/reading.