Hawaii Five-0 and Social Media

I found yet again that I needed to step away from Twitter and Facebook to avoid seeing the fights online regarding Michelle Borth leaving the show. The problem is this makes me feel like a deserter and I hate that. I have online friends on both sides of the fence and I feel I can respect their opinions and still interact with them. Seeing the online back and forth, that sometimes gets pretty angry, makes me uncomfortable so I have to stay offline. I use these sites to escape from the hassles of life and really want them to uplift my day not bring me down. I do apologize for deserting the team though.

Regarding Hawaii Five-0. I love this show. It is the only current show I watch repeats of and can sit as I did yesterday binge watching episodes. I do rewatch Three Rivers (which Netflix took off now booooo) and Moonlight. So see the pattern? I’ve mentioned this before, I am a Alex O’Loughlin fan first and foremost and will watch anything I can get my hands on. The current series is Hawaii Five-0 and I watch it as much as I can. But I also really like the show. I do care about the other characters and enjoy learning about them. Does every show hit it out of the park? No, of course not. But there are very few that I skip and say not worth my time.

The Michelle issues go very deep and I don’t know exactly why it got so out of hand and why things got so negative. The producers have decided where they want to show to go and she will not be a part of it next season. I think the fact that even Peter Lenkov calls them the “Core Four” speaks volumes. We will see actors come and go on the show – fact.

I’m just looking forward to as many episodes as I can get and as much BTS stuff the cast and crew share with the fans. I’m truly invested in this show and intent to promote it all I can.

Thanks for listening/reading.



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