Happy Birthday Alex – 2014

Alex O’Loughlin – 38 years young. Such a baby still. I am so thankful that on this day we were blessed with his beauty and talent. Thanks to Paula at @AboutAlexO for this wonderful pic edit. So proud to be a fan and since I fangirl like a preteen, had to make a card.


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H50 4.21 Rewatch – On Second Thought

Watched the second time and after the story has settled in my brain, I do have some different feelings about the way the writers had it end.

H50 – I actually liked the COTW. I think it’s the tie of Alex and Taylor’s Gift that makes me enjoy the organ transplant (and theft) plots. Every opportunity to highlight the cause is important. And a little piece of Alex. Plus we needed to have Chin, Kono and Grover in the show and be in Hawaii. Fine with me.

Michelle – If I watched not thinking of a romance, the interaction of Steve and Cath was top notch IMO. If they were just co-workers or good friends, their scenes were very powerful. I really watched Michelle this time and think the writers gave her the opportunity to complete her role as a strong and independent woman. So watching from a different perspective and taking out the emotion of McRoll, I thought she did a wonderful job.

I think as the direction of the show unfolds next season, 4.21 may turn out to be a very important episode. I hope so. I’ll be watching my favorite show.

Pic courtesy alexoloughlinworldwide as found on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.


Hawaii Five-0 4.21 – How Do I Feel

I’ve only watched once and will probably watch again tomorrow. I didn’t tweet during the show to avoid comments I did not want to read. I avoided the spoilers because I didn’t want to know too much. I honestly don’t even remember the COTW. My focus was totally on what I knew was coming and to go with the feelings.

Alex killed it – AGAIN. The pain he goes through mentally and physically jumps right out of the screen. I am totally biased but I don’t know another actor that combines the humor with the drama the way he does with such perfection.

Michelle – I still felt the distance from her. Was it the wow for a goodbye? Not that I felt. I wish her the best on her career.

The writing – there is no way in hell McG would leave Cath alone in that country. Even if the military was watching him and he had to leave, he would find a way. Maybe he isn’t thinking this is over and he can always get her to come home. IDK but the I love you and take care and I’ll see ya, really was not enough. Why couldn’t they have her tell McG that she needed space and have them “break-up”? IDK, I’m not a writer so maybe nothing would have mattered if they didn’t want to kill her off. This wasn’t just another episode for me so I doubt there was a right solution for a storyline. Maybe I’m just down because the season is ending anyway.

I keep saying I don’t know because I don’t. This one is really tough and the social media division made it all so uncomfortable for me. I guess all I do know is that I will be watching every episode and supporting H50 and of course Alex and his career.


Brenda’s Favorite H50 Episodes of 2013

I am not a writer but couldn’t resist posting my picks on this blog.

#5: 4.1 Aloha Ke Kahi – The new season begins and we get a live tweet from AOL, my heart raced and I loved it

#4: 3.17 Pa’ani – I love football and thought the Pro Bowl backdrop was fun. The interaction between McG and Danno then McG and Cath was at its finest IMO. Peyton Manning & mandate LOL

#3: 4.9 Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i – Aunt Deb, Mary and baby Joan – again all the emotions of this episode around a holiday show really touch me. Carol Burnett was just the best guest star.

#2: 4.10 Ho’onani Kakuakane – A movie quality show and great historically based story telling about Pearl Harbor. Larry Teng is a talented director and wish we got more of his work on H50. Never hurts to get McG in uniform.

#1: 3.20 Olelo Pa’a – showing us how deep McG loves and how amazing Alex is as an actor. My top pick for 2013 and the entire H50 series to date.



A Little Dr. Seuss-like

All About Steve (But Mostly Alex)

Blue shirt, red shirt, green shirt, no shirt.
We like him in cargos, jeans or board shorts.
But seem to like him most with no shorts.
We like him driving boats or when he tends to goats.
We like him in all his ships but our personal ship is the best ship and the reason we like this ship.
We love admiring the FOY which brings us so much joy.
And just can’t wait for the next time they decide to turn that moose loose.
We loved the scene in the chair but would like that action anywhere.
And when he goes all BAMF, even good girls go a little nymph.
Then rushing to the internet for the next great tidbit or hoping for a phallic.
We are the United Nations of Alex.