Hawaii Five-0 Season Five Recap

What I liked….

Jerry (Jorge) brings a lightness to the show without being too corny. Great character add. And the boy can sing!
5.1 – couples therapy, ha!
5.5 – we meet Ellie; we get Steve at his father’s grave and the feels; we get more McGarrett backstory
5.7 – best episode of the season. #100 is one of the best of the series. Alex doing what he does best with his craft and his body. We get answers about WoFat and the McGarrett family. Steve hallucinating showing a different spin on reality. What if?
5.8 – more Aunt Deb and the perfect Carol Burnett.
5.19 – close shave Steve – what can I say. Odell was a great choice. But of course the money scene in this episode was Steve in the basement looking at the photos and allowing himself to feel. Powerful acting IMO.
This is my favorite show and will continue to be so for a very long time. I liked a lot in S5 but these were a few of my standout thoughts.

Not my fav….
I couldn’t get used to the big special effects and sci-fi feeling in S5. My issue, I don’t like anything bigger than McG. Happy for Peter that he was allowed to go outside the box and bring something really different to the crime drama. The character development is my thing and what draws me to the show.
All season, wondering will Cath return? Will Steve move on? I believed we would find out more but did not.
Time to re-watch and savor it all. Bring on S6.
P.S. I wrote the above Saturday morning then did my re-watch and as I thought, I felt very differently after. My disappointment in the McRoll story clouded my feelings for the stories as they were. Both of the last episodes had great stories and felt a lot more like H50 than I felt Friday night. Maybe I need to not drink wine or tweet during. What do you think LOL.