Thanksgiving. Please be thankful. Please realize how lucky you are. 
My story… so many causes, so many people asking for help. Do they really need help or are they taking advantage of us and “working the system”? Working in the corporate world, many of us have mandatory fundraisers that we don’t choose to participate in but feel obligated. It has become for me an action that doesn’t bring me joy. It doesn’t feel like enough to help but they want very specific help. In America, it feels like if someone needs help what I can offer should be enough but I am provided with a list of items. Helping others should make us feel good.

I grew up very poor. I’m talking a roof over my head and food on the table poor. I survived and once I was able to be on my own, I have never had to worry about the very basic needs. I know how lucky I am and will never take that for granted.

Today I was at the grocery store buying food for the week including my Thanksgiving dinner for myself and my husband as well as items I am taking to my sister’s house for a family dinner. Just making decisions and putting what I needed in my basket. I was looking at chicken tenders for chicken and dumplings and they were kind of high and more than I needed. I moved on to the frozen chicken. An elderly lady came up behind me and said “$11.00 for a pack of chicken?” I said, I know it seems high so I moved on. She teared up and said she just couldn’t afford to feed her grandchildren this season. This woman wasn’t looking for anything from me and I knew it. I turned the corner and just couldn’t go on. I went back and gave her some money. This is not something I usually run across in the suburbs and I had to do something.

This is obviously still weighing on my mind so what can I do? I can write it down and send it out to the universe. Maybe someone else will see a need and realize how much they can help out. I have a full heart tonight and what more do I need this holiday season? Happy Thanksgiving and please be thankful.