H50 4.21 Rewatch – On Second Thought

Watched the second time and after the story has settled in my brain, I do have some different feelings about the way the writers had it end.

H50 – I actually liked the COTW. I think it’s the tie of Alex and Taylor’s Gift that makes me enjoy the organ transplant (and theft) plots. Every opportunity to highlight the cause is important. And a little piece of Alex. Plus we needed to have Chin, Kono and Grover in the show and be in Hawaii. Fine with me.

Michelle – If I watched not thinking of a romance, the interaction of Steve and Cath was top notch IMO. If they were just co-workers or good friends, their scenes were very powerful. I really watched Michelle this time and think the writers gave her the opportunity to complete her role as a strong and independent woman. So watching from a different perspective and taking out the emotion of McRoll, I thought she did a wonderful job.

I think as the direction of the show unfolds next season, 4.21 may turn out to be a very important episode. I hope so. I’ll be watching my favorite show.

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Hawaii Five-0 4.21 – How Do I Feel

I’ve only watched once and will probably watch again tomorrow. I didn’t tweet during the show to avoid comments I did not want to read. I avoided the spoilers because I didn’t want to know too much. I honestly don’t even remember the COTW. My focus was totally on what I knew was coming and to go with the feelings.

Alex killed it – AGAIN. The pain he goes through mentally and physically jumps right out of the screen. I am totally biased but I don’t know another actor that combines the humor with the drama the way he does with such perfection.

Michelle – I still felt the distance from her. Was it the wow for a goodbye? Not that I felt. I wish her the best on her career.

The writing – there is no way in hell McG would leave Cath alone in that country. Even if the military was watching him and he had to leave, he would find a way. Maybe he isn’t thinking this is over and he can always get her to come home. IDK but the I love you and take care and I’ll see ya, really was not enough. Why couldn’t they have her tell McG that she needed space and have them “break-up”? IDK, I’m not a writer so maybe nothing would have mattered if they didn’t want to kill her off. This wasn’t just another episode for me so I doubt there was a right solution for a storyline. Maybe I’m just down because the season is ending anyway.

I keep saying I don’t know because I don’t. This one is really tough and the social media division made it all so uncomfortable for me. I guess all I do know is that I will be watching every episode and supporting H50 and of course Alex and his career.