Brenda’s Favorite H50 Episodes of 2013

I am not a writer but couldn’t resist posting my picks on this blog.

#5: 4.1 Aloha Ke Kahi – The new season begins and we get a live tweet from AOL, my heart raced and I loved it

#4: 3.17 Pa’ani – I love football and thought the Pro Bowl backdrop was fun. The interaction between McG and Danno then McG and Cath was at its finest IMO. Peyton Manning & mandate LOL

#3: 4.9 Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i – Aunt Deb, Mary and baby Joan – again all the emotions of this episode around a holiday show really touch me. Carol Burnett was just the best guest star.

#2: 4.10 Ho’onani Kakuakane – A movie quality show and great historically based story telling about Pearl Harbor. Larry Teng is a talented director and wish we got more of his work on H50. Never hurts to get McG in uniform.

#1: 3.20 Olelo Pa’a – showing us how deep McG loves and how amazing Alex is as an actor. My top pick for 2013 and the entire H50 series to date.




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